Unit1 Section B 2b

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Unit1 Section B 2b

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Read the passage and underline the words you don't know.

Then look up the words in a dictionary and write down their meanings.

He Lost His Arm But Is Still Climbing

Aron Ralston is an American man who is interested in mountain climbing.

As a mountain climber, Aron is used to taking risks.

This is one of the exciting things about doing dangerous sports.

There were many times when Aron almost lost his life because of accidents.

On April 26, 2003, he found himself in a very dangerous situation when climbing in Utah.

On that day, Aron's arm was caught under a 360-kilo rock that fell on him when he was climbing by himself in the mountains.

Because he could not free his arm, he stayed there for five days and hoped that someone would find him.

But when his water ran out, he knew that he would have to do something to save his own life.

He was not ready to die that day.

So he used his knife to cut off half his right arm.

Then, with his left arm, he bandaged himself so that he would not lose too much blood.

After that, he climbed down the mountain to find help.

After losing his arm, he wrote a book called Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

This means being in a difficult situation that you cannot seem to get out of.

In this book, Aron tells of the importance of making good decisions, and of 

being in control of one's life.

His love for mountain climbing is so great that he kept on climbing mountains even after this experience.

Do we have the same spirit as Aron?

Let's think about it before we find ourselves "between a rock and a hard place",

and before we have to make a decision that could mean life or death.




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