Unit 9 Can you come to my party?[X00045]

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Unit 9 Can you come to my party?


Section A 2d
Jeff:Hey,Nick,can you come to my house on Saturday?My cousin Sam from Xi'an is going to be here.
Nick:Oh,Sam!I remember we went bike riding together last fall when he visited you.
Jeff:Yes,that's right.
Nick:I'd love to come,but I'm afraid I can't.I have an exam on Monday so I must prepare for it.
Jeff:That's really too bad!①Oh,but Sam isn't leaving until next Wednesday.②Can you hang out with us on Monday night?
Nick:Sure!③Catch you on Monday!


Section B 2b
Hi David,
What a great idea!I really like Ms.Steen a lot.She helped me to improve my English so much.I'm sad to see her go,and this party is the best way to say “Thank you and goodbye.” I can help to buy some of the food and drinks.I can also help to bring Ms.Steen to the party.I already have a great idea about how to do that.
He Wei
Hi David,
Thanks so much for planning this.I'd love to come to the party,but I'm not available.①My family is taking a trip to Wuhan at the end of this month to visit my aunt and uncle.However,I'd still be glad to help out with any of the party preparations,like planning the games.Let me know if you need my help.
Dear classmates,
As I'm sure you know by now,our favorite teacher,Ms.Steen,is leaving soon to go back to the US.We're very sad that she's leaving because she is a fun teacher.To show how much we're going to miss her,let's have a surprise party for her next Friday the 28th!
Can you come to the party?If so,can you help with any of these things?
Please tell me by this Friday.
1) Buy food and drinks.
2) Think of games to play.
3) Prepare things we need for the games(glue,paper,pens,...).
4)②Bring Ms.Steen to the party without telling her so that she can be surprised.
③I look forward to hearing from you all.

Section B 3a
Dear Parents,
I would like to invite you to the opening of our new library at No.9 High School.The opening will be on the morning of Wednesday,January 8th at 9:00.After this,you can enjoy our school concert.Then lunch will be in the school hall at 12:00.Please dress smartly.I would also like to invite each parent to bring one book as a gift for the new library.④Please reply in writing to this invitation by Friday,December 20th.
Larry Smith


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