Unit6 Section A 2a

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Unit6 Section A 2a



Listen and number the pictures [1-4] in order to tell the story.

Wang Ming:Let me tell you the rest of the story about Yu Gong. Yu Gong and his family began to move some of the earth and stone to the sea. One day, a man saw Yu Gong and his children when they were working on moving the mountains. He told Yu Gong that he could never do it because he was old and weak. As soon as the man finished talking, Yu Gong said that his family could continue to move the mountains after he died. His family would live and grow, but the mountains could not get bigger. So Yu Gong and his family kept on digging day after day and year after year. Finally, a god was so moved by Yu Gong that he sent two gods to take the mountains away. This story reminds us that you can never know what’s possible unless you try to make it happen.





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