Unit 2 How often do you exercise?[X00038]

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Unit 2 How often do you exercise?


Section A 2d
Jack:Hi,Claire,are you free next week?
Claire:①Hmm...next week is quite full for me,Jack.
Jack:Really?How come?
Claire:I have dance and piano lessons.
Jack:What kind of dance are you learning?
Claire:Oh,swing dance.It's fun!I have class once a week,every Monday.
Jack:How often do you have piano lessons?
Claire:Twice a week,on Wednesday and Friday.
Jack:Well,how about Tuesday?
Claire:Oh,I have to play tennis with my friends.But do you want to come?


Section B 2b
What Do No.5 High School Students Do in Their Free Time?
Last month we asked our students about their free time activities.Our questions were about exercise,use of the Internet and watching TV.Here are the results.
We found that only fifteen percent of our students exercise every day.Fortyfive percent exercise four to six times a week.Twenty percent exercise only one to three times a week.And twenty percent do not exercise at all!
We all know that many students often go online,but we were surprised that ninety percent of them use the Internet every day.The other ten percent use it at least three or four times a week.Most students use it for fun and not for homework.
The answers to our questions about watching television were also interesting.Only two percent of the students watch TV one to three times a week.Thirteen percent watch TV four to six times a week.And eightyfive percent watch TV every day!①Although many students like to watch sports,game shows are the most popular.
②It is good to relax by using the Internet or watching game shows,but we think the best way to relax is through exercise.It is healthy for the mind and the body.③Exercise such as playing sports is fun,and you can spend time with your friends and family as you play together.④And remember,“old habits die hard”.So start exercising before it's too late!,


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