Unit 4 What's the best movie theater?[X00040]

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Unit 4 What's the best movie theater?


Section A 2d
Greg:Hi,I'm Greg.I'm new in town.
Helen:Hi,I'm Helen.Welcome to the neighborhood!How do you like it so far?
Greg:It's fantastic,but I still don't really know my way around.
Helen:Well,the best supermarket is on Center Street.You can buy the freshest food there.
Greg:Oh,great.Is there a cinema around here?I love watching movies.
Helen:Yes,Sun Cinema is the newest one.You can sit the most comfortably because they have the biggest seats.
Greg:Thanks for telling me.
Helen:①No problem.,


Section B
Who's Got Talent?
Everyone is good at something,but some people are truly talented.It's always interesting to watch other people show their talents.Talent shows are getting more and more popular.First,there were shows like American Idol and America's Got Talent.Now,there are similar shows around the world,such as China's Got Talent.
①All these shows have one thing in common:They try to look for the best singers,the most talented dancers,the most exciting magicians,the funniest actors and so on.All kinds of people join these shows.But who can play the piano the best or sing the most beautifully?②That's up to you to decide.③When people watch the show,they usually play a role in deciding the winner.And the winner always gets a very good prize.
However,not everybody enjoys watching these shows.④Some think that the lives of the performers are made up.⑤For example,people who say they are poor farmers are in fact just actors.⑥But if you don't take these shows too seriously,they are fun to watch.⑦And one great thing about them is that they give people a way to make their dreams come true.,


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