Unit 7 Will people have robots?[X00043]

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Unit 7 Will people have robots?


Nick:What are you reading,Jill?
Jill:It's a book about the future.
Nick:Sounds cool.So what will the future be like?
Jill:①Well,cities will be more crowded and polluted.There will be fewer trees and the environment will be in great danger.
Nick:That sounds bad!Will we have to move to other planets?
Jill:Maybe.But I want to live on the earth.
Nick:Me,too.Then what can we do?
Jill:②We can use less water and plant more trees.
③Everyone should play a part in saving the earth.,


Section B 2b
Do You Think You Will Have Your Own Robot?
When we watch movies about the future,we sometimes see robots.They are usually just like human servants.①They help with the housework and do jobs like working in dirty or dangerous places.
②Today there are already robots working in factories.③For example,they can help to build cars,and they do simple jobs over and over again.Fewer people will do such jobs in the future because they are boring,but robots will never get bored.
④Some scientists believe that there will be more robots in the future.⑤However,they agree it may take hundreds of years.Scientists are now trying to make robots look like humans and do the same things as us.Some robots in Japan can even walk and dance.These kinds of robots are fun to watch.
But scientist James White thinks that it will be difficult for a robot to do the same things as a person.For example,it's easy for children to wake up and know where they are.⑥Mr.White thinks that robots won't be able to do this,but some scientists disagree.They think that robots will even be able to talk like humans in 25 to 50 years.
New robots will have many different shapes.Some will look like humans,and others might look like snakes.
⑦If buildings fall down with people inside,snake robots will be able to help look for people under the buildings.⑧That may not seem possible now,but computers and rockets seemed impossible 100 years ago.We never know what will happen in the future!


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